Compress Microsoft Office & Adobe PDF

PowerShrink 6.0 lets you quickly and easily compress, industry-standard PDF & Microsoft Office files for superior results — and savings.

PowerShrink’s easy-to-use GUI interface make working with documents, spreadsheets, PDF and graphic files efficient and uncomplicated.


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PowerShrink keeps the original Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and PowerPoint functionality, layout and format

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Features & Benefits

Brand new comfortable user interface

PowerShrink is redesigned to be simple and easy to use for new and experienced users. With our new comfortable user interface you will be able to optimize PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP & EMF files easily & effectively.

New set of improved compression levels

With a brand new set of compression options you can be sure there is an compression option that suits your needs - and if not, define your own custom compression settings. No matter, your selection you will agree that PowerShrink is an extremely efficient compression tool.

Search Wizard

Another brand new feature included in PowerShrink to make your life easy while searching your local or network drives for files to compress. Apply search filters to find only the files you really need to optimize. Select Size, Date or File Type or mix them freely to get the results you need.

Batch File Compression

PowerShrink supports drag-and-drop file compression saving you time whenever you need to compress one or more files. Simply drag all the files you need to compress into PowerShrink and optimize.

Multi Language

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